Natural World Products Ltd - Organic Waste Recycling

Operating two state-of-the-art recycling facilities as well as a number of Waste Transfer Stations across Northern Ireland, Natural World Products Ltd (NWP) specialises in the treatment and recycling of organic waste streams or “biowastes”. 

A market leader on the island of Ireland, the Company makes a major contribution to helping Local Authorities, commercial customers and non-profit making organisations meet challenging recycling targets.  NWP produce high quality, PAS-100 approved organic peat-free compost as well as biomass alternative fuels from incoming waste materials. 

We will also assist customers to understand their obligations under relevant legislation governing the disposal, transport and treatment of waste materials (including Trans-Frontier Shipment Regulations governing the cross-border movement of wastes), providing maximum comfort through the provision of a full audit trail that they are in complete compliance with the law and that all waste materials have been disposed of professionally and responsibly. 

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