Organic Waste Recycling

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Natural World Products Ltd currently operates two state-of-the-art In-Vessel Waste Treatment Facilities treating a variety of Organic Waste streams, including source-segregated food, brown bin and green waste collected from households, civic amenity sites, Councils and commercial customers all over Northern Ireland. Over 150,000 tonnes of organic waste is recycled at our facilities each year, helping customers meet and exceed their recycling aims, achieve maximum Landfill Diversion and comply fully with obligations under the Food Waste Regulations 2015. We also assist customers in the Republic of Ireland to ensure that they are in full compliance with all aspects of Trans-frontier Shipping Regulations, which govern the movement and transport of waste materials between different European jurisdictions.  Waste is diverted from landfill through the production of a high quality BSI PAS 100 Organic Compost, which is sold in garden centres throughout Northern Ireland, as well as being used as a soil conditioner by some of Ireland’s leading golf courses and agricultural producers.  NWP also manufactures a high quality biomass fuel from incoming materials, currently used as an alternative to fossil fuels to produce clean, renewable energy in local Biomass and Energy from Waste plants.

Over 100,000 tonnes of Organic Waste collected from households across Northern Ireland is recycled at our facilities each year.

The in-vessel system operated by NWP is a concrete tunnel system in which air flow and temperature are controlled to speed up a natural process, using the principles of a "bioreactor". The air circulation is metered in via pipes in the concrete floor that allow fresh air to be injected under pressure, with the exhaust air being extracted through a biofilter. Temperature and moisture conditions are monitored to ensure the maintenance of optimum aerobic decomposition conditions.

NWP has extensive experience operating within the tight regulatory framework imposed by the Animal By-Product Regulations and BSI PAS 100 Codes of Practice.  Over its 25 years in business the company’s compliance record is exemplary. 

European Waste Regulations 

We aim that where possible, we will prevent the waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage and reduce air and water pollution from landfilling, all by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal.

Our Organic Waste recycling service enables businesses and Councils across Ireland to understand and comply with all their obligations under legislation governing the disposal, transport and treatment of organic waste materials.

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